How to update WooCommerce wp_wc_product_attributes_lookup table programatically?

If you are using WooCommerce, you may be familiar with the wp_wc_product_attributes_lookup table. This table is used to improve the performance of WooCommerce and is typically updated automatically. However, if you make changes to the attributes of a product directly in the wp_postmeta table, the wp_wc_product_attributes_lookup table may not be updated immediately. For example, you … Read more

Find user orders that have a specific product in WooCommerce

Have you ever needed to find the order IDs for a particular product for a given customer in WooCommerce? It’s not a straightforward task, but fortunately, there is a simple function that can help. The bytflow_get_order_ids_for_product() function makes it easy to get the order IDs for a particular product for a given customer. Here is … Read more

Free WordPress progress bar snippet

Adding a simple progress bar in WordPress can quickly turn into a full day of testing out different plugins and addons, using complex page builders and fixing compatibility issues. This simple snippet solves the problem in less than 30 lines of code and is completely free to use.